Thursday, 2 June 2016

Welcoming Child #6!

Welcoming New Life into the Biffert Clan!

On April 17th at 11:47am we welcomed Thomas Emil into our family.

The story begins at night around 1am when contractions began.  By 4:30am they were too strong to stay in bed, so Becca began to walk around.  At 5:30, I got up and realized Becca wasn't in bed.  This never happens so I knew something was up.

I jumped out of bed and sure enough, we were on our way to meet our new baby.  I called our friends, the Kellys and sent our kids to their house around 6:45.  They took their 5 and our 5 to Holy Mass on this Good Shepherd Sunday.

After Mass, Fr. Luc came and Rebecca received Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  

We set up an altar and began to wait.

This year we decided to have Winter be a part of the process.  She was a splendid help!  I'm so happy we chose to have her with us.

The labour was pretty difficult this time round.  Thomas' head was stuck somewhere inside and in order to alleviate pain, I had to press down very hard on Becca's back with each contraction.

And then he joined us!!!

I brought little Thomas out into the sunlight and like the Lion King held him up for the world to see! And the students rejoiced with us and sang Happy Birthday to him!

The kids love him to pieces.  Here is Katie nursing her baby like Momma.

And his first bath! 

Winter is an unbelievable help in many ways - including carrying him around to keep him sleeping while Mommy takes a break.

And Tristan helps too sometimes!

That is the end of this short blog! The shortest one yet!

We are leaving Austria soon and heading home back to Canada.  We'll be flying into Calgary on the 28th of June and we are all excited.  Right now, I am just finishing up my finals, we are wrapping up our homeschooling units, putting Thomas on a sleeping routine and preparing for his baptism, and of course ... packing!!!

Soon our four year stint will be at an end and we'll be back in the real world again.  I'll try and get one more blog out before we leave and write some final thoughts and reflections about whether it was worth selling everything, going through all the trials and frustrations, crazy costs and missing home.

Thank you for all your prayers and supports!

Kenton, Rebecca, Winter, Tristan, Benedict, Katie, Tavi, and Thomas